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As a recruiter David rocks. Professional, consistent and dedicated. Client or candidate - speak to David. 5 star recruiter.

- Warren Kemp

He managed to get me the job in surprisingly fast time and in tough covid times when it seemed very difficult to find a job abroad. I love David's friendly approach and efficiency in what he does.

- Alex Midzic

David is a huge pleasure to work with; he is task oriented, flexible, proffesional and atmost friendly and approachable. I hope I will have a chance to work with David again soon

- Gorana Krizmanic

David can be described as a highly amicable, hard-working, committed and professional recruiter to whom I am very grateful for his expertise and diligence.

- Charlie Harden-Sweetnam

He is an excellent man and a true professional, thank you for everything David.

- Nikolaos Kouraklis

David Kennedy, I call him my recruiter when I talk to people but he is also one of the most wonderful human beings alive. He first contacted me last year for a role, being his wonderful self he made me feel comfortable

- Monica O.

I have worked with David on a number of roles and found him to be highly supportive in finding the right personnel for our business , he is a professiona

- Rebecca McEnaney

I also want to take the opportunity to thank David with a great review. What I liked the most about working with David was his human approach, yet very professional. David got me, a good offer in a well-known company, helped me all the way and even followed up afterwards to make sure everything was well arranged.

- Philippe Johnny Francis

David is very dedicated and professional, which is why he is so good at his job! I can highly recommend him as a specialist recruiter.

- Anne Phillipson

I've been working with David for many years and on many projects. Not once he failed to provide a best-in-class recruitment service. Extremely professional, a true European culture expert, David is reliable and kind. A real pleasure working with him

- Maël T.

David is a highly professional, empathetic and perservant person who I am happy to have crossed roads with. He greatly helped me secure employment with humour, skill and experience. I can honestly say I recommend him, he is sure to excel in any endeavour partaken.

- Joakim Saettem-Mucsi

David Kennedy hat mich mich auf meine Arbeitsaufnahme im Ausland optimal vorzubereit. Die Art und Weise wie er dies tat, war zugleich professionell, als auch freundschaftlich.

- Daniel Müller

I managed David during my time at Teletech and he was a pleasure to work with and a very popular team member. David was pivotal in the rapid growth of the business and took a lead role in recruiting for new campaigns.

- Orla Kee