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My approach in life is simple. Be straight forward, direct and honest with everyone I come into contact with.I will stretch myself to go and above for everyone, most of the time afterhours also, that’s how I have always worked. What I do ask from you in return whether you be a client or candidate and this is really important for us to be able to work together.
Be transparent If your situation changes/changed don’t disappear, a simple message will suffice (you never know who your next employer will be) don’t burn your bridges or if you’re a client don’t lose people just because you forgot to tell me your role was filled.

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What's My Clients Think

As a recruiter David rocks. Professional, consistent and dedicated. Client or candidate - speak to David. 5 star recruiter.

- Warren Kemp

He managed to get me the job in surprisingly fast time and in tough covid times when it seemed very difficult to find a job abroad. I love David's friendly approach and efficiency in what he does.

- Alex Midzic

David is a huge pleasure to work with; he is task oriented, flexible, proffesional and atmost friendly and approachable. I hope I will have a chance to work with David again soon

- Gorana Krizmanic