Candidate Checklist

Let’s be honest, changing jobs/careers isn’t something you do on a whim, relocating for a job/new career is even more stressful (lets call it), so here are a few pointers to help establish if it’s the right timing or right thing for you to do.

1. Think about how your portraying yourself, check your CV is up to date, it has the correct dates on it, spelling & grammar checks, ensure your approach to companies and recruiters is specific to the job your interested in.

2. Be professional at all times, if your looking for a business to take a punt on you, please do remain polite, courteous and if you do happen to find something else before the process is done with a current application, have the decency in going back to that business/recruiter to update them. My old saying is you never know who your next boss/employer will be, don’t burn bridges!

3. Pick a maximum of 3 jobs to apply for, any more than that at one time, means your not focused or your job search simply needs rethinking. Don’t max yourself out with interviews/tests/calls/assessments otherwise you will just burn yourself out and become extremely overwhelmed.

4. Ensure you’ve given this some serious thought, consult your family, friends and ensure its something you really want as opposed to having buyers remorse the day after applying

5. Ensure you’ve the finances to sustain your new life/adventure, having less than €1000-2000 disposable for the move will make your life incredibly difficult and I would probably advise against it if you’d have this sort of backup.

6. Ensure your in the right place in your life, this is a big thing so if your moving home, saying goodbye to everyone etc, then ensure its for at least 1 year otherwise it’s just not worth it (unless it’s a contract role of course)

7. If you do happen to get a knock back or rejection try your best to stay positive, get feedback and move on, interviews are testing for all of us, it’s a learning curve. If you get a KO then it wasn’t meant to be.

8. If you get an offer but your not quite ready to accept, ask for a deadline as you’d like to see what else pans out, don’t just accept the first offer that comes your way, often that shows your desperate and again haven’t planned accordingly. Obviously if its your dream role, that’s another story, however how often does that happen that the very 1st role you apply for you get a yes!

9. Try your best to communicate right up to the starting date with both company/recruiter, if something changes or your in need of assistance don’t be afraid to reach out. I have seen so many people in the past disappear due to something “personal” happening, 80% of the time it’s a simple conversation and you’d be surprised how flexible companies and recruiters can be once they have an idea of what’s happening.

10. Enjoy, good luck and again it’s a learning curve for all of us!

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