About Me

My approach in life is simple. Be straight forward, direct and honest with everyone I come into contact with.I will stretch myself to go and above for everyone, most of the time afterhours also, that’s how I have always worked. What I do ask from you in return whether you be a client or candidate and this is really important for us to be able to work together.
Be transparent If your situation changes/changed don’t disappear, a simple message will suffice (you never know who your next employer will be) don’t burn your bridges or if you’re a client don’t lose people just because you forgot to tell me your role was filled.

I am providing a service to thousands of people across Europe, so please do forgive me if I forget to send you something, a simple reminder is nice, don’t wait for me to make the first move every time I ask for communication, clear and concise from clients, if I don’t get this, I can’t service your business, I can’t positively represent and sell your brand resulting in bad experience for both candidates & myself which doesn’t reflect well on your business.

Lastly my business is 100% free to candidates and to clients I am your remote/virtual Recruitment Manager which you don’t have the opportunity to find locally, I only charge upon successful placements so please do remember that the amount of work put into the sourcing, advertising, the hours racked up on the phone searching for people for your business is not something I charge for, so please be respectful when paying. DKR is all about living life without regret, get in touch if you’d like to know more!